2014 – the first edition

The Scandinavian Days were celebrated for the first time between 04 and 06 April 2014. The underlying idea was to build a long-lasting platform for regular meetings to facilitate engagement and interaction of business combined with presentations of business opportunities.

We’ve realised that Scandinavia is our natural partner when it comes to cooperation on many levels. We’re committed to making Szczecin a centre for Polish-Scandinavian cooperation where we can meet each year and discuss many aspects of our actions. I hope that the extensive and interesting programme will attract wide interest in this unique event,” said Piotr Krzystek, Mayor of Szczecin.

I am happy to see Szczecin come up with this initiative. Denmark has been present in Szczecin for a long time. On behalf of Mr Ambassador, I’d like to express strong support for this initiative and declare willingness to cooperate on making this event happen,” said Andrzej Preiss, Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Denmark, at the conference preceding the Scandinavian Days.

The first edition of the Scandinavian Days turned out to be a great success. The programme was based on four subject areas: business, sports, education and culture. A variety of events devoted to each of the areas were held, from the “Scandinavian Model of Cooperation in Szczecin – Knowledge and Experience Sharing” conference, through to artistic shows, film screenings, outdoor exhibitions and sporting events. The event also featured many interesting guests.


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