A word from the Mayor of Szczecin

A word from the Mayor of Szczecin

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I cordially invite you to the celebration of the 10th edition of Scandinavian Days. This unique, jubilee  event, will be held under the title Artificial intelligence and education of the future - between technology and social responsibility. As always, we try to discuss topics that are important to all of us and learn from each other. I hope that this time, joint meetings will provide a lot of knowledge, new ideas, solutions and partnerships.

The Scandinavian Days, an event that has become a permanent part of the activities of the City of Szczecin as a platform for cooperation with the Nordic countries, gives the opportunity to debate on new challenges, as well as to determine the directions of development of Szczecin in the context of Polish-Scandinavian cooperation, showing the City's potential in the fields of culture, education and economy.

During this year's edition of Scandinavian Days, we will have the opportunity to look at issues related to artificial intelligence, which is becoming more and more popular in today's world. We will be able to see what new things it can bring to the world of education and how it will influence people's development. They will also help us draw conclusions about the potential and opportunities of current technology and what we should pay attention to in order to use it in an appropriate, reasonable and safe way.

We will talk, among other things, about the labour market as seen by both employers and young people who are just at the beginning of their professional careers. In addition to discussions on substantive topics, there will also be a Scandinavian Parade and a Scandinavian Picnic, to which I cordially invite all citizens. There will not only be a great opportunity to have fun and relax in the "hygge" style, but it will also symbolically emphasize the importance of joint international activities in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.
I strongly encourage you to co-create Scandinavian Days.

See you there!
Piotr Krzystek
Mayor of the City of Szczecin




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