A word from the Mayor of Szczecin

A word from the Mayor of Szczecin

Szczecin will again become Scandinavian, with the Scandinavian Days being planned to take place for the fourth time on 30 March – 2 April this year. I look forward to this wonderful opportunity to discuss issues important to us, in the spirit of cooperation. This was the idea we developed while organising the Scandinavian Days for the first time. Our intent was to create a platform for exchanging opinions and establishing business contacts. Being able to see the huge interest in this initiative each year, I would hardly be wrong to say that we have made it!

The Embassy of the Republic of Finland will act as the strategic partner in this year's event. The presence of ambassadors from all the Scandinavian countries, and representatives of the Ministry of Development of the Republic of Poland, clearly shows that the event has already gained standing and is one of the landmark events on the map of Polish-Scandinavian ventures.

This year's Scandinavian Days will begin on 30 March with a business conference and cooperative exchange. Politicians, experts and scientists will engage in discussions on the key issues of Polish-Scandinavian cooperation, including smart city management, transport innovation and business cooperation with higher education establishments, which fosters the launching onto the market of specialists qualified to work in the Polish-Scandinavian economic, scientific and cultural environments. This cooperative exchange creates an inimitable chance to share experiences and develop international cooperation with economic entities based in Scandinavian countries.

The subsequent days will bring an array of educational, cultural, sporting and family events. Film screenings, exhibitions, concerts and inspiring discussions with people with substantial Scandinavian experience will certainly appeal to adult participants' tastes. Jazz lovers will have an opportunity to enjoy Scandinavian music accents during this year's international Me.Ba Festival.

Szczecin, whose major assets include a convenient location and closeness to nature, as well as dynamic and creative young people, has a lot in common with the Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish development-oriented approach.

While pursuing a number of eco-friendly investments and ambitious plans, we benefit from valuable Swedish experience. The Szczecin seaport and its surrounding areas, which lie in the heart of the city, are likely to become a major link with Danish partners. We intend to follow in the footsteps of the socio-economic transformations of Esbjerg and Malmo, our twin cities, and explore the numerous cooperation prospects. The presence of a growing number of students from Norway at the Pomeranian Medical University constitutes a significant human factor which brings the two nations closer. The fact that the Scandinavian studies offered by the Faculty of Philology at the University of Szczecin have in recent years attracted increasingly more students is also worth noting. Leading Norwegian industry solutions in the energy sector can provide an incentive to the development of this branch of the economy, both in Szczecin and in the entire Westpomeranian Region.

While analysing their potential, local government bodies are able to identify their strengths and unique competences. The attributes of Szczecin allow it to act as a convenient venue for Polish-Scandinavian meetings. 

Feel invited to familiarise yourselves with the materials posted on our website and to take part in the upcoming Scandinavian Days in Szczecin.


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